Digital Services

Capture One Pro Trained Technicians

Our seasoned technicians are highly experienced working on set. They are well versed in photography as well as the latest in software, hardware, and camera systems. We utilize the latest Capture One Pro Software, Ultra Fast Solid State Hard Drives, and the latest Canon Cameras and PhaseOne Digital backs to create a seamless workflow between the client and photographer.

$500.00 a Day - Digital Tech Rate - (10 Hours)

Digital Capture Work Stations

1) Mobile Work Station / Location Package

$500.00 a Day (Station Only) - 4 day Week $1000.00 a day w/ Capture One Technician

2) Magliner Cart / Location / Studio Package

$600.00 a Day (Station Only) - 4 day Week $1100.00 a Day w/ Capture One Technician

Digital Camera Rental

Digital Camera Rentals

NOTE: Must be packaged with a Digital Capture Cart or Truck Rental (4 DAY WEEK)

Additional Services